2019: A Year of Change

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Finally, the country is moving on. After three and a half years of recrimination and conflict, we have a new majority government, delivering the change we voted for in 2016.

For Remain, the game was up the second Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. Hated by the “metropolitan elite”, loved by ordinary people, Boris was always destined to lead our nation through this period. The May Premiership was an aberration – an unnecessary and painful distraction – though we salute her grace after stepping down.

But Boris is the man for the job right now. In the past few months, the Conservatives have gone through an explosive – and essential – regeneration.

Out with the rebels – the Grieves, and the Hammonds, and the Gaukes. In with new talent – fresh, young, drawn from all walks of life, and committed to the future. In a few months, the Tories were reborn.

Nowhere was this renewal more palpable than at this year’s Conference. The party was transformed – and ready for the election.

And what a victory! Not just a historic moment for the country, but a complete vindication of Brexit and everyone who championed and fought for it.


Christmas is a time for healing, and it’s a particular pity that our state broadcaster – following a torrid year – doesn’t seem to have understood this. Stormzy is a woefully inappropriate figurehead for the Corporation’s festive schedule. It was an astonishingly provocative statement, and one that few Conservatives will have failed to notice.

As we move forward, addressing the inconsistencies and injustices in our cultural landscape will be of premiere importance. The BBC needs to be returned to the people who fund to it. Academic freedom needs to be re-embraced. Intellectual liberty – as opposed to dogma and ideology – needs to revitalise our Education sector.

The Battle for Brexit is won. The Battle for Change – the profound change we need to see; across the North, across the media, across our universities and schools – has only just begun.

Merry Christmas!

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson

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