A big victory for Boris, but an even bigger victory for Britain



We’ve taken the cane out of the cupboard and given the Corbynites a damn good thrashing. 

It’s wonderful to have the Prime Minister back. A richly deserved victory. Some of us were nervous; we started to believe the Corbynite agitprop, the Twitterati, the endless doe-eyed drivel from worthy actors and has-been comedians.

Certainly Facebook promised us Corbyn would be painting Number 10 red. Endless media types and entitled self-proclaimed intellectuals told us that victory would soon be with the bourgeoisie. 

One high-ranking drama producer this morning called the British public ‘stupid’ – but they’re not stupid. What is stupid is what Labour has turned into – and our great country’s populace are too perceptive not to see through empty promises and thinly veiled Marxism. 

We had a choice. Sour-faced, teetotal, vegetarianism versus a man who has the chutzpah to get things done (for any Corbynites out there – I apologise if the word ‘chutzpah’ triggers you). 

Anybody sat at home after a forty-five hour week does not have the privilege afforded to Steve Coogan, Hugh Grant or Lily Allen to laze about telling other people off for their evil ways (their ‘evil ways’, of course, being looking after their friends, families and businesses). 

Boris understands this. Boris drove a JCB through a wall, Boris does a Benny Hill salute, Boris drinks pints and makes jokes and eats fish and chips. Boris loves his country. Boris is appallingly clever. Boris is flawed and funny and cheerful and brilliant. Boris is Britain. 

Think back a week or so ago when Corbyn was showing off by eating a chip in Whitby. Vegetarianism and teetotalism are admirable traits. Both are full of struggle, both are hard on the system – and on the psyche. And that’s what Corbyn is all about. The struggle. Bleak, hard, miserable. Less “God save the Queen”, more “God save us all”.  

The country has told us who they’d rather go for a pie and a pint with. 

Britain has never been about weakness, wokeness or virtue signalling. Our great nation is about getting things done. Our small business owners, our working class families; our married people, our single people; our straight, gay, bi people – our silent majority have proven once again that our nation wants progress, autonomy and growth. We do not want to be controlled. We want to thrive.

We don’t want free stuff, we want to earn our success. We don’t tolerate racism. We know the consequences of Marxism. We believe in our country and each other. 

Boris has won.

The Conservative Party has won.

The British People have won.

A new dawn has broken, has it not? 

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson