A Parliament of Cowards


Britain’s membership of the EU has caused many constitutional anomalies, the most recent being the legislature’s usurpation of the executive power of government.

The Benn-Burt Bill passed by Parliament is a power grab by the legislature. It compels the Prime Minister to seek an extension of our membership of the EU if a deal cannot be reached, and it gives Parliament the power to approve an extension longer than three months. If the EU says, ‘This is your second request. We want to give you more time to reach a proper decision,’ and proposes an extension of three years, Parliament, not the government, will have the power to agree.

In order to take executive power away from the government, 21 Conservative MPs sided with the opposition. Remain activists view them as heroes, but these MPs turned their backs on their own party to give power to an opportunistic man of questionable character. Jeremy Corbyn, now recast as the saviour of remain, is a lifelong Eurosceptic who is cynically exploiting national division in a pathetic attempt to install throwback socialists in Downing Street. In October 1984, two weeks after an IRA bomb killed five at the Tory Party conference in Brighton, Jeremy Corbyn invited convicted IRA volunteers Linda Quigley and Gerry MacLochlainn to the House of Commons.

Nicholas Soames, Ken Clarke and 19 other Conservative MPs have taken sides with a man who once used the murders of five people, Conservative colleagues, to make a political point. These Europhile rebels effectively brought down a Conservative government. In another era, Boris Johnson’s administration would have collapsed, but the Fixed Term Parliaments Act has saddled us with a zombie government, in power but powerless. It is right and proper that these rebels were expelled from the parliamentary party, and in years to come they will likely regret what they have done.

The latest polls suggest the British people have seen through these constitutionally improper shenanigans. ‘Don’t Know’ is currently polling higher than the leader of the opposition. Don’t know, 29%, Jeremy Corbyn, 26%. Somehow Corbyn is managing to come third in a two-horse race. Boris Johnson is polling at 46% according to Survation, and his approval rating will climb every day he is held hostage by this parliament of cowards, too fearful to face the country in a general election.

Nigel Farage has long talked about a remain establishment working against the people. Here we see it in its starkest form. A remain parliament has done everything it can to thwart the result of the Brexit vote. The British people are an insightful bunch. They can see through parliamentarians’ claims of refusing a general election because they don’t trust the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson is not asking opposition MPs to trust him. He is asking them to trust the British people, and opposition MPs have refused because they are terrified of the verdict the electorate.

According to the Survation poll, 31% of the country would prefer Jeremy Corbyn to No Deal. 52% would prefer No Deal to Jeremy Corbyn. If there is a general election and Corbyn somehow manages to beat Boris Johnson and Don’t Know, will our parliament of cowardly ‘betters’ intervene because people didn’t know what they were voting for? Will they pass legislation to prevent a harmful Corbyn government and a dangerous ‘crash out’ from capitalism? Of course not, because in a democracy people are allowed to make political choices that might cause them harm.

Remain voters who refused to accept the result of the referendum have conducted themselves disgracefully. For the past three years, they have insulted their fellow citizens, calling them stupid and racist. They’ve spread wild conspiracy theories and irresponsible scaremongering, they’ve sought to overturn a majority vote at every opportunity, and now they’ve subverted the government of this country. Just because it’s been done with smiles and polite middle-class accents, doesn’t make it any less of an affront to democracy.

Every minority that has illegitimately seized power has always believed it was acting in the best interests of the country. Such people use an appeal to higher ideals, god, tradition, or in this case, the economy, as justification to impose their minority views on a nation. This is the approach of despots and junta. Apartheid South Africa saw a minority impose their abhorrent moral view of the world on a majority. An even smaller minority in the Politburo imposed its will on the Soviet Union.

If you are a remain voter still seeking to overturn the referendum result, as well meaning as you might be, you are in this category of people. You believe your worldview is more valid than a democratic vote. You are willing to impose your will against the expressed wish of the British people. What conceit. What arrogance. The fact you are being validated and aided in your objective by certain sections of the media and some in Parliament doesn’t make what you’re doing any less reprehensible.

Democrats trust the people. They empower the people. Right now, there is only one party leader in the House of Commons willing to trust the British people, and his reward for such faith in the electorate is to be held hostage by Corbyn and his motley band of cowards.

When, as it inevitably must, a general election comes, the British public will give its verdict on what’s happened. Judging by the polls and the talk one hears outside the London media bubble, hardcore remainers, and all those who’ve enabled them, are in for a shock.