A Parliament of Rogues? Worse. A Parliament of Cowards

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What on Earth was Oliver Letwin thinking? What on Earth were any of them thinking?

We were so nearly there. The Deal was done, the timetable set. All Parliament had to do to bring closure to this torrid period in our nation’s history – where democracy, and faith in our political class, has been stretched to breaking point – was vote for Boris’ deal.

Boris is doing everything he possibly can.

Parliament said it wanted a new deal. He negotiated a new deal. They poo-pooed his attempts, said it was impossible – but, in a flurry of gumption and fortitude, he delivered it.

Everybody rational, from Steve Baker to Caroline Flint, accepts that this is a deal they can live with – actually, more than that; that it’s quite a good deal, a deal that can move our country forward in a meaningful, positive way. And what do MPs do? They vote to delay Brexit again.

It beggars’ belief.

A Saturday sitting is scheduled to make the decision, bring the rancour to an end. And, after complaining that it may interfere with their family arrangements (Chris Bryant even had the audacity to make a plea for money from the taxpayer to cover colleagues’ childcare costs), they kick the can.

The British public are tearing their hair out.

This is a Parliament that refuses to deliver its promises, that refuses to support the government – but that also refuses a General Election (twice).

This is a Parliament stuffed with MPs elected on specific pledges to honour the 2016 result who rewarded their supporters with a complete volte-face, betraying their constituents but rejecting by-elections.

This is a Parliament of rogues and dissemblers; sadists and dishonourable poltroons. Some of them have switched parties 3, 4 or 5 times in their glint-eyed lust to overturn democracy and sneer at voters.

And now they’ve discovered selfies. So not only do we have the spectacle of MPs steamrollering their constituents and their country – but we have to endure endless photos of them giggling into their iPhones as they do it.

Has there ever been a more despised Parliament? And still, they grand-stand – puffy, florid, red-faced; snarling and sneering at the electorate which put them there in the first place.

Meawhile, Brexit-supporting politicians – or ‘democrats’ as I like to call them – are having to walk around with phalanxes of Police officers to protect them and their children. As I write, the Home Secretary is putting special measures in place to protect honourable Opposition MPs like Flint and Austin and Mann from the inevitable Remainer backlash.

The frustration is immense. But I guess I have one thought to console myself with this morning. Well, perhaps two.

Our brave, inspirational Prime Minister, at the head of a united Conservative Party, is still fighting.

And I’m not Oliver Letwin.

Oh, and at some point – these people will have to face the electorate. Tick-tock.

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson

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