Another day, another Remainer meltdown – today, over a Queen’s Speech



Dominic Grieve was close to tears. With voice cracking, he rambled to Nicky Campbell on Radio 5 Live this morning about this “unconstitutional” Conservative Prime Minister. He sounded on the verge of a breakdown. It was half funny, half tragic. Ok, more 70:30.

Across twitter, the celebrity Remainer elite and their useful idiots on the Opposition benches have descended into blind hysteria. The children’s author Philip Pullman called the Prime Minister a dictator, adding “we must get rid of him and his loathsome gang as soon and as finally as possible”. It felt dangerously close to inciting violence – but it’s a sentiment so often replicated on Remain twitter, and so self-indulgently witless and stupid, that it’s easier to just shrug it off and laugh than unpick the disturbing implications.

John McDonnell, of course, is loving it. A lifelong “Lexiteer” – though in his case the “L” stands for ‘Lenin’, not ‘Left’ – he will be relishing the chance to be normalised by “moderate” politicians who would normally be appalled by everything he says, thinks and does. He, Corbyn and Milne have no intention, really, of stopping Brexit. It’s essential for them. Their programme cannot be properly implemented without it. But they will be over the moon at the discord and disharmony Opposition MPs are merrily sowing.

The truth is, these safe styled “moderates” are anything but. They are interested in one thing and one thing only – stopping Brexit. Anna Soubry – whose ridiculous party, Change UK (is that still its name?), is currently surging to victory on 0% in the polls – demanded a meeting with the Queen. Jeremy Corbyn has, too. Poor Her Maj.

So what is it which is sending our Remainer compadres so completely up the wall?

A Queen’s Speech. That’s it. The Government will be bringing forward its refreshed programme, and there will be a few days when Parliament won’t sit. That is, literally, all that is happening. A few days. Three or four. So why can’t everyone just relax?

Because stopping Brexit has become the life of the people opposed to it. We’ve had three years now of the same arguments, going round and round and round in circles. “Taking No Deal off the table” is precisely the same as taking Brexit off the table. Only by keeping No Deal a real possibility can we actually get out. Boris knows that. Indeed, Remainers know that, too.

In their quest to overthrow the referendum result, Remainers have proven themselves prepared to ignore every convention, trash every institution, undermine every precedent, hamstring our country, and repeatedly seek instructions from Barnier and the EU. John Bercow has destroyed the concept of the Speaker’s impartiality. It has to stop.

This is, sadly, becoming the Parliament versus the People battle many of us have been so keen to avoid.

Boris has made it clear who he stands with: the People. All of us who value democracy must stand with the People too.

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson