Boris’ actions show he’s committed to delivering Brexit



A total of 21 Conservative MPs defied the government’s warning Wednesday night that the vote was a confidence issue, and any deviation from the party whip would result in immediate withdrawal of it. Many believed that it was an empty threat – after all, the government had already just lost its majority with the defection of Philip Lee, and any other losses would weaken the government’s position in Parliament.

However following the government’s defeat last night on the SO24 motion allowing Parliament to seize control of the order paper, the Prime Minister acted quickly.

In a display of the government’s resolve, all 21 rebel MPs had the Conservative whip removed. In doing this, Boris showed no only a desire to instill discipline in his party, but to make it clear that the Conservatives are focused on delivering Brexit, do or die.

Despite the government now being short of a majority by 44 seats, and the opposition amazingly seeking to block a General Election, Boris and his top advisor Cummings still have several ways to work around the actions of undemocratic MPs. However if they fail, then a General Election will be likely. And Brexiteers should throw their support wholeheartedly behind Boris’ administration.

Many Brexiteers, myself included, remain bitterly disillusioned with the Tories after Theresa May repeatedly promised to deliver Brexit and then pointlessly delayed, leading to the deadlock in Parliament and the rise of the Brexit party. However, with his decisive action against the rebel MPs, Boris has shown himself to be different. The preparations for no deal are now visibly moving at pace. Cabinet posts have been taken by MPs more representative of public opinion, and the government has a greater sense of purpose and belief.

In just over a month, Boris’ government has already shown that its determination to leave the EU is infinitely more genuine than its predecessor.

If the decision were to come back to the people in the form of a General Election, Brexiteers should acknowledge this and back him to finally extricate Britain from the EU. The opposing forces of Remain are as fanatical as ever, but with the Brexit Party’s support, the Conservatives can regain a majority. And it is only a Conservative government that can be relied upon post-Brexit to implement the policies to take full opportunity of the benefits of leaving the EU.

The fight against the undemocratic forces of Remain has been long and difficult, but for the first time Brexiteers have a Prime Minister and a government visibly on their side.

Joel Rodrigues is a writer. Follow him on twitter: @joelrwrites