Corbyn is clearly unfit to be Prime Minister – so why don’t his supporters care?

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Hugh Grant is doing it again. Fresh from speaking out against Labour anti-semitism, he was back on the campaign trail, pitching up in Woodford Green to campaign for Faiza Shaheen. Perhaps I’d missed his conversion to Marxism – I thought the only red activity he concerned himself with were red-lights in red light districts. But this is Hugh now, a far left fanboy – blind to reason, a clipped-English commie, a Corbyn puppet, whose crass ‘Marxism for Dummies’ speeches are even more wooden than his acting.

Some have twigged. Maureen Lipman, Frances Barber, Tracy-Ann Oberman – they’ve all realised that, despite Corbyn’s moral sanctimony, Labour are now the Bad Guys. It’s pretty obvious: a man whose consistently sided with our enemies, who questions Israel’s right exist, who refuses to deal with the rampant racism rampaging rapaciously through Labour’s rotting remnants.. it’s fair to assume St. Jeremy is not the man to be giving others a lecture on virtue. But, like many Labour supporters, Hacked off Hugh still has his head in the sand.

Of course, the political adumbrations of our woke c’leb class are always tedious. I was pretty sure, when I saw Eddie Izzard staggering around in red heels and a pink beret trying to convince dockers that normal people vote Remain, that his cause was on life support. Light entertainer Stephen Fry continues to disappoint, rambling on incoherently about niceness and the mean ol’ fascist Tories. But, though ignorance is not a defence in Law, it does partially explain why people who don’t understand Corbynism still support Jeremy Corbyn. It doesn’t explain why those who’ve rumbled it do.

Truly, Corbyn and McDonnell have boiled the frog, and the unhappy result is their army of glint-eyed Corbynzombies. These are the white-walkers, the obsessives, the people with #JC4PM in their bio alongside a statement such as, “campaigning for a kinder, more empathetic world. Hates Tories and scabs.” Certain sectors seem to be particularly susceptible – public sector workers for example, who are throwing themselves behind the Corbyn Project purely out of the goodness of their hearts and the guaranteed 5% pay rise. Real economics be damned – who needs to worry about actual economics when you have the Jezsiah to save you?

It’s all – all of it – a load of old hooey. Labour is promising to spend an extra £28 for each of the Tories’ extra 1. The markets will crash. Sterling will tank. The printing machines will fire up. Public services will fall apart. People will be FEWMIN. And what will Corbyn and McDonnell’s answer be? More Socialism! Oh, and lots of delisted companies and a heavily restricted press (call me a cynic, but I do wonder if it’s the promise of killing Britain’s free press which first attracted Hacked off Hugh to Corbyn’s cause… Hmm, makes you think).

It is a great irony, but we must conclude that the only thing which keeps Corbyn’s supporters swimming alongside him – despite everything – is either (sometimes, wilful) naiveté.. or the venal self-interest which they accuse the rest of us of.

Maureen Lipman is right. They are extremists. And to banish them, they must be resoundingly defeated on December 12th. Sorry, Hugh.

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson

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