Finally, a non-woke “celeb”. All power to left-wing trigger machine Laurence Fox

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Let’s face it, over the last few years most of us have become sick to death of being lectured on politics by celebrities. From their awful sermons on climate change to feminism to Brexit, we’ve just had enough! But thankfully this week, an anti-woke hero the world didn’t know it needed arrived with messianic force. Enter: Laurence Fox. 

I confess I mostly know of Fox because of his ex-wife Billie Piper, singer of the incredible hit Because We Want To, which provided the soundtrack to many childhood discos. But the actor will have caught everyone’s attention this week after releasing an album that criticises woke culture. 

“WHAT?!” I hear you say.

That’s right, in an interview with The Sunday Times he discussed the piece in question, A Grief Observed, which has been described as Jordan Peterson meets Ezra Miller (ha!) and covers issues such as no-platforming (with lyrics such as “The first to fall was laughter, just to quell the unoffended”). It sounds brilliant!

When asked about the inspiration for the music, Fox launched into the most deliciously politically incorrect tirade against “progressive” celebrities and their causes, first of all laying into the Me Too movement, pretty dangerous territory for a bloke.

Even so, Fox didn’t seem to care. Specifically, he criticised the actresses who’d worn sexy black dresses at 2018’s Golden Globe to support the Time’s Up campaign. “These people are very aware of the erotic nature of their costume yet totally unaware of the hypocrisy of the message”, he told the interviewer, even revealing that he’d wanted to make a song on his new album – A Grief Observed – after the movement. His record label had (predictably) said no.

Next up, Fox criticised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, accusing them of “ultra-woke hypocrites” for pontificating about climate change before boarding “their little private jet”. Uh oh! Don’t expect to see Laurence on the New Year’s Honours list any time soon… 

Perhaps the most amusing part of the interview was Fox’s confession that he’d walked around south London, where he lives, wearing a Maga (“Make America Great Again”) hat as a social experiment. In Dulwich one man slammed a door on him and told him he was “disgusting”; another woman said he was “crazy”.

Fox even said he would not renew his BBC licence fee as he doesn’t want to feel “propagandised”. The whole interview was great – and yes, you might have guessed that I have become a cringeworthy fangirl now. What I liked most about it was it was refreshing, and different. I miss that word. Different!

Despite so many celebrities preaching about diversity, the fact is that they have become the most uniform, boring group of automatons. My problem with them has never been that they have opinions, it’s just that they all say the same thing! As though they’re following a religion, the Holy Wokeness. Even if it’s not an official religion, we certainly know the rules of it. Greta Thunberg is the God and the doctrines are things like: “Thou should not touch actress’s knee” and “Thou shall whinge about Boris Johnson.” Yawn!

Hopefully Fox can encourage artists to be a bit more interesting in what they say; he has even recently been on Triggernometry to share his perspective, in an interview which was praised for its verve. One thing that the last few years have made us forget is that the arts industry is is meant to be about freedom and creativity, which is why it’s so strange that there is no plurality to views, other than Morrissey going on crazy, embarrassing rants and the likes of Roger Daltrey. 

Let’s hope Fox can restore a bit of balance to this overly woke world.

Charlotte Gill is a writer and journalist whose work has appeared in The Mail on Sunday, The Times and The Telegraph. Follow her on twitter: @CharlotteCGill

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