In memory of our friend, Serge Medeiros

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Our friend Serge Medeiros – known to many on twitter as ‘Sam’ (@S__A__M) – was the type of person you want on your side. 

A kind, witty, and generous man (if one person was responsible for my egregious hangover at the last conference, it was *him*), he was a Tory to his fingertips – and waspishly dismissive of Socialism. Well, he would be, because his family had experienced it:

Pro-Freedom, pro-Brexit, pro-free markets.

Serge was not frightened of a scrap – particularly online, where his twitter account accrued something of a cult-status. “I love it,” he once said to me. “They need to be told.”

And tell ‘em, Serge certainly did. At times, I felt sorry for the Establishment Remainers in Serge’s South Cambridge constituency party. He was delighted when he learnt Heidi Allen was stepping down. He viewed it as restitution. And – to be honest – I quite agree with him.

For Serge was not a man who misled you; not a man who promised you one thing, and did another; not a man who didn’t deliver. If Serge said he’d do something (even if it was a task completely beneath him, like help set-up the stage for our event at #CPC19), he did it – and that, I feel, is pretty much the best recommendation you can make of a man.

Had Serge been an MP – and, gosh, it’s a pity he wasn’t – he’d have been, I think it’s fair to say, the Spartan’s Spartan.

Chairman of the ERG Steve Baker told us,

“Serge was a passionate believer in freedom, democracy and our country. Conservative politicians often talk of a “Conservative family” – well, Serge was very much one of us. He was a true Brexit hero – a patriot, a great and valued support, and he shall be hugely missed.”

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Perhaps saddest of all, Serge leaves behind two young daughters. But if they have inherited half their father’s character, then they shall seize life and flourish. We wish them – and all Serge’s family – nothing but the best.

Serge, who was modest about his degrees, was bright and brilliant – and dedicated to both the Conservative Party and Brexit for all the right reasons. 

We shall miss our friend. And we shall carry on his work. 

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