In this regressive culture war, the Conservatives must stand up for the silent majority



As someone who is white but has been discriminated against and racially abused throughout my life, this piece comes from a somewhat unique position.

To explain. I’m naturally olive skinned with dark hair and eyes and to a significant number of people do not appear white enough to actually be white. Even so, I don’t consider the majority of these people to be racist, although some undoubtedly are.

I became aware of my ethnic ambiguity quite early on. Growing up I have clear memories from when I was a child of being sworn at and racially abused by adult strangers while playing out in the street or walking to the local shop. These people would say things I could not and would not repeat, certainly not in print.

In fact, this has happened my entire life. It certainly happened while I was campaigning during the General Election. I heard more than one, “F**k off, you coconut”, and I had my election literature daubed with swastikas and stuck on my car. This abuse didn’t stop with me. BAME members of my team were also racially insulted on the campaign trail. I am in no doubt racists are out there.

I’ve had people, to my face, question the parentage of my blonde haired, blue eyed child, insisting I must have adopted. Others have become angry and argued with me because I won’t admit I’m an ethic minority. It’s not just happened in this country, either. It’s happened abroad, too. The list of incidents is long. However, despite all my experiences, and the constant slew of propaganda from ANTIFA and the Hard Left, I am sure the the vast majority of British people do not judge others by immutable characteristics such as race.

I also couldn’t be clearer when I say I absolutely support equality, 100%, across the board. But I will not support or condone the lawless behaviour which we saw over the last week, from both sides.

You cannot march for equality then expect to be treated differently when you start to commit criminal acts. Vandalism, rioting or closing down one of the busiest motorways in the country is not a laudable way to gain support. The wilful destruction of property, no matter what the motivating factor, is wrong. Violence only serves to detract from the message. To put it simply, people will not support thugs, no matter which side of the argument they are on, and those who want to achieve a political outcome by mob rule will always, ultimately, fail.

I, like so many others, watched with increasing anger and frustration at what unfolded on our streets. Peaceful, meaningful protests hijacked by people whose intentions are not honourable. Then the far right mobilise – and the cycle continues. We Conservatives are supposed to be the party of Law and Order. So where is it?

Why did the police not treat the far left anarchists in the same way as the far right? These are extremists, and should be treated with the same level of contempt.

The actions of the American police officers who killed George Floyd were abhorrent. Those officers deserve everything they get but that tragic incident on the other side of the Atlantic should not be used as an excuse to throw bricks, bikes or punches at our own police. Ordinary law-abiding people from all backgrounds have looked on in utter dismay while wanton destruction has taken place. We all saw it – even if the BBC, with their bizarre, sanitised coverage, didn’t want us to.

How many people realise the stated aims of BLM UK include abolishing the police, and dismantling capitalism? It’s borderline Marxist, and certainly came as a surprise to me, the mainstream media having said nothing.

This situation is now being politicised on a local level, too. My councillor colleagues and I were invited to take part in a BLM protest being organised locally. The organiser of this protest was triggered when I pointed out a now deleted Facebook post of his, under the guise of ‘Nuneaton Labour BAME officer’, where he said, “Enough is enough. Ballot or a bullet.”

“Silence is violence,” the hard left tells us. If you aren’t with us, you’re a racist. Why, because the mob says so? I do not need to attend a BLM protest to know that racism does not belong in our communities. Not attending a BLM protest does not make anyone a racist. I firmly believe there is no place for discrimination, racial or otherwise, in our society. There is no place for mob violence on our streets either. 

I also will not ‘take a knee’. I’d rather stand tall against prejudice, not kneel in the face of it.

Someone said to me recently they they feel like the left has won because, no matter what happens, unless you subscribe to their tick box mentality, you are ‘cancelled’ and painted as evil. More worryingly, they also said that Conservative Party are letting this happen.

It is sad that this is how people feel. The culture war is raging. The Conservatives need to stand up for the decent, law-abiding, silent majority. 

Clare Golby was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Coventry North West in the 2019 General Election. Follow her on twitter: @MrsGolby