It’s over for Remain. Brexit is now inevitable

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Yesterday, they Marched for Change. Well, they didn’t actually, they marched for everything to stay the same. But they said they were Marching for Change, which I guess made them feel better.

The language of political debate has been turned completely upside down. Progressives are regressive; liberals are illiberal; democrats actively campaign against democracy. Extremists are people who respect referendum results; moderates wish to overturn them. Those that supposedly want change, such as those on the march, are in reality the most vehemently opposed to it.

Sandals were donned. Cardboard placards, sporting such witty and persuasive slogans as “Bollocks to Brexit” and “Save Our Star”, were brandished enthusiastically. A pathetic blimp was launched. There were laughs, tears, and 5 quid a throw Pret sandwiches. And barely anyone took the tiniest bit of notice.

I have always thought Brexit would happen and the howls of pain from the sliver of the populous represented on these marches were simply complicating and delaying the process, rather than contributing in any meaningful way to reversing it. May’s gloomy and incompetent government created a vacuum which these protesters, overwhelmingly represented in Parliament and the media, could fill. It’s been annoying and unedifying, and has stoked a divisive and angry atmosphere which we don’t need.

But the thing is: it’s over. Even the Financial Times, hardly a bastion of impartiality, has admitted it. Remain has lost. We will be leaving the European Union and the only question left is precisely how.

Boris Johnson – overwhelmingly the favourite to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister – has pinned his entire Premiership on delivering Brexit, and deliver it he must. May’s Withdrawal Agreement will be binned. If Brussels won’t come to the table, we will exit on No Deal.

Parliament could choose to help the new Prime Minister. A Parliament that signals it is ready to unite and deliver on its promises would strengthen his hand. But it isn’t actually necessary. No Deal is the default. It is, if terms for something preferable can’t be reached, inevitable.

Remainers can, even at this late hour, accept defeat with a little grace, and help ensure a positive Brexit. Or they can sit and sulk and cause trouble. They cannot, however, win. Brexit is happening. Change – real change – is happening. And that, for the rest us, should be ample cause to celebrate.

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson

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