It’s the People versus Parliament, and the People’s Prime Minister is winning



They don’t get it. They just do not get it. Three years of indolence, chicanery, frustration and delay. Three years of foot-dragging, consternation and collaboration. Hammond. Grieve. Rudd. The whole holier-than-though, self-indulgent, anti-British, anti-Democratic, sopping Wet, totally untrustworthy, arrogant-as-hell morass – the British public are absolutely sick of them.

They promised they would deliver Brexit. They pretended they served the people. It is impossible to watch how these ‘characters’ – although, for the most part, their only character is ‘having no character’ – have behaved since the referendum and conclude anything other than the Purge was totally necessary.

Not only did it have to be done; the British public demanded it was done.

No longer could droopy, grey, passionless Remainers be allowed to operate their own wrecker-Remain policy in tandem with the Party’s official policy to leave. A day of reckoning, a week of reckoning, a month of reckoning – it doesn’t matter; these people have to go.

The Mainstream Media, naturally, is in a state of complete confusion. “More trouble for Boris,” they’ll wibble – as Boris continues to go up in the polls.

Nobody gives two hoots about Amber Rudd outside of SW1. She is precisely the sort of politician the vast majority will be delighted to see the back of. “So brave,” the MSM will coo, “so principled”. Umm, how exactly?

She has obstructed, lectured and delayed. She has cynically joined a cabinet, promising to commit to it, then cynically resigned from it, to try and cause damage. But the damage has failed to materialise – if anything, resigning has saved Boris from giving her the boot.

And, outside the bubble, support for Boris rockets – and support for Brexit hardens.

The final straw has been the legal machinations this week. In open collaboration with the EU, Remain rebels – despite having virtually no support in the country – have attempted to ensnare Prime Minister in an unprecedented legal trap. No, you can’t have an election, they say. No, we have no confidence in you. No, we have no mandate for our actions – but you must follow our agenda, even though it’s the precise opposite of what you (and, actually, we) promised. And, if you don’t do it – we’ll try and jail you.

It’s Banana Republic stuff. Parasite politics. And the British public want none of it.

Multiple polls last night predicted Boris would win a majority far in excess of 100 seats if an election were called. The public are quite clear who they support – and it isn’t Mr Grieve or Mr Benn (who, let’s be honest, are basically just Mr Tusk but with less fun accents).

Downing Street is rightly coming out all guns blazing. “They can be easily replaced,” is the line – and it’s true. With far better people. The Conservative Party at every level is now more united than for decades.

This zombie Parliament is rotting. The People are with their Prime Minister. And the People will win.

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson