It’s time for Conservatives to work together to deliver the forward-thinking, global Britain we all want to see



While Brexit’s opponents try to frustrate the reality of our exit from the EU, forward-thinking Conservatives are concentrating on the exciting task of transforming our futures by redesigning democracy and politics from the ground up.

We should grab this disruption with open arms. Disruption is opportunity; by standing firm we can and will usher in a new era of economic openness and deregulation.

Accusations that Boris is seeking to “re-align” and “transform” the Tories “in the direction of The Brexit Party” are inaccurate.

The way we are transforming our party is more akin to what Uber has done to the Taxi world, Air BNB to the B&B world, Amazon to the book world, or Netflix to television. We should be visionary. Think, for a moment, what the next disruption could be to the transport sector. What if Uber partnered with a self drive car company? The beginnings of a fully automated transport system – and that’s exciting.

For an amazing future we need amazing people. We must get away from putting people into positions just because they can drop some leaflets or they fill a diversity quota.

We need the best people for each job. Like a fine Swiss watch, if one cog is slightly out, the mechanism fails. In the Conservative Party, we must consider each application for every role on raw ability. Attempting to satisfy pointless quotas is not a business we should be involved in.

We need a new Parliament and a government with a mandate to govern.

On a personal level, it is very sad that we have lost 21 MPs but we cannot move forward and transform our party or nation unless everyone is on the same page, helping to build a coherent vision and working together to deliver the strategy laid out in our manifesto, and The Prime Minister’s leadership campaign.

The Whipless 21 have allowed a motley alliance of anti-democrats and Marxists to seize control of the order paper, derailing our key Brexit Strategy.

I look forward to a new wave of Conservative Parliamentary Candidates and future MPs working as a Pack, keen to look to the future, and helping to deliver the open, global, happy, Independent UK all Conservatives should want to see.

Tim Mayer is a sales and marketing director, area DCP, PPC and City Councillor. Follow him on twitter: @tjmayer1