It’s time to ignore the media and get behind Boris



It’s been a difficult few weeks for the government. With media and opposition pressure mounting to outline an exit strategy, you may have expected the Sunday 10th May televised announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson setting out the roadmap back to normality to have been welcomed with open arms. But no. No sooner had the PM’s televised address to the nation finished then along came a slew of criticisms, thick and fast. 

Apparently, the lockdown has rendered the Twitterati and most of the British media devoid of any common sense, seemingly leading to the need for the government to mollycoddle them through every single moment of their daily lives. It was as if they expect the PM to sit there and literally say, ‘No, Janet from Scunthorpe, you can’t have your aunty Marjorie round for a hug and a cuppa on Tuesday next week’.

When did we become so unable to think for ourselves? These are no doubt also the same people who would scream ‘Nanny State’ and ‘the government can’t tell us what to do’ if there had been a full, stringently enforced lockdown kept in place for a sustained period of time.

Cue Ryan Price, working class plumber. He understood the ‘be sensible’ message – and the lefty Twitterati reacted with its usual venom, trying to boycott his business and thereby harm both him and his family for having the audacity to think for themselves.

With the media smearing the government at every opportunity, and Sir Keir Starmer, knight of the realm, fervent anti-Brexiteer and self-appointed spokesperson for the working classes selectively quoting Public Health England in the House of Commons, we have to ask ourselves: who, really, should we trust? 

I’ve backed the PM from the start. I was a member of the Midlands Back Boris team during the Conservative leadership election. The PM is not a person who demands sycophantic loyalty from his followers, which is good. That sort of behaviour is corrosive. It’s much better to appoint critical friends than ‘yes’ men (or women). He is a man who cares deeply for his country and I’m sure recognises the burden of the responsibility he faces.

Lets us also not forget that Boris isn’t taking these decisions in a vacuum. He is surrounded by experts in many fields and collectively they have guided the nation through the Coronacrisis, whilst maintaining all the other ‘business as usual’ work of government which has needed to carry on – Brexit being just one of these things. The world has not stopped turning because of this virus and some people ought to remember this.

In less than a year, Boris Johnson has become leader of the Conservative Party, presided over winning a huge majority at the General Election, finally got Brexit to look like Brexit, and been forced to deal with a surprise global pandemic causing the worst crisis in decades – as well as nearly died and become a father with his partner. All in the face of harsh criticisms from a cynical Labour Party and its media acolytes. Even the most resolute individuals get beaten down by constant caustic criticism. The weight of the world must be on his shoulders – and sometimes you can see this on his face. 

Boris is the man for the times. Can you imagine the mess we would be in now if the leadership of this country had been the responsibility of Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott? For me, that truly doesn’t bear thinking about.

Clare Golby was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Coventry North West in the 2019 General Election. Follow her on twitter: @MrsGolby