It’s time to say No to Nanny


Boris is right to say No to Nanny. The frontrunner for Next Prime Minister has made it clear that he will reverse the government’s increasingly puritanical attitude to our health and lifestyle choices. In particular, he will end the constant kowtowing to the pernicious “health lobby”. This represents a massively needed change of approach. As Conservatives we should believe wholeheartedly in the individual’s freedom to choose how he or she lives. This includes the freedom to make the “wrong choice”, or rather a choice we don’t necessarily approve of.

Junk food bans. Portion control. Minimum pricing for alcohol. Plain packaging. The onslaught continues: The Royal Society for Public Health has declared Easter eggs are available too early. A Cardiff hospital has fitted a big red buzzer outside for people to press if they catch anyone smoking. (I imagine this will come as a particular blow to medical staff who, given the stress of their job, can’t be blamed for nipping outside for a quick fag.)

Nanny’s Little Killjoys are often piously obsessed with fighting ‘the Fash’; little do they realise they are ‘the Fash’. And there is no logic to their supposedly ethical campaigning; the Mayor of London, who also happens to be the Chairman of Transport for London, has banned pictures of delicious, juicy burgers on the Underground, but allowed promotions of Brunei as an attractive holiday destination, despite new laws which punish gay men with death by stoning. He was also happy to run bus adverts proclaiming Michael Jackson’s innocence in the wake of child sexual abuse allegations against the singer. Both adverts were eventually taken down after a public outcry.

Boris’ decision to champion the free market and free choice over those who want to dictate every aspect of what we eat, drink, say or do is extremely welcome. It’s time for a government which allows everyone to do as they wish – rather than do as they’re told. Here at FMC, we can’t wait for him to take office.

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