Miserable Remainer Responses to Brexit Celebrations Show Why They Lost



Brexit is coming home on Friday and the majority of voters in this country are right to want to celebrate. After the long years of misery that Democracy Denying politicians have inflicted on our country, at last sunlit uplands await.

And yet, amid excitement for the many millions who voted for it, a gaggle of loud-mouthed, beret-clad, holier-than-thou spoilsports want to ruin all the fun.

It speaks to a broader truth about the miserable Continuity Remain campaigners that they want to spoil the party. This is a movement founded on fear. It had absolutely nothing positive to say during the referendum, and has preached only doom, gloom, and catastrophe ever since.

Positivity is anathema to their ideology.

Conversely, puritanical party pooping is their lifeblood. The EU’s petty attempts to fasten an increasingly suffocating regulatory straightjacket around the lives of individuals in this country is bizarrely a point of pride for the organisation’s more bonkers defenders. From clamping down on freedom to meme, to vape, even controlling who can and cannot blow up party balloons, the EU is the nanny banny state gone wild.

Those who want to Leave are the very opposite of the controlling, moaning, miserable movement for the EU. Brexiteers are movement built on positivity, optimism, and belief in freedom their country and by extension its citizens. Understandably, they are excited to celebrate a moment that will set us on course to shaking off the controls the EU has placed on our lives, and find our way to a freer future.

Watching the meltdown of the more fanatic fringes of Remain has been bewildering and frankly, sad. The weekend’s news of the new 50p peace marking Britain’s exit date with the words ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’ has sent a surprising number of people spare.

Alastair Campbell and Lord Adonis were true to type in bravely declaring to their Twitter followers that they would refuse to accept the coins – leading to the very funny image of the two men meticulously and obsessively checking their change for decades to come. Others, somehow, went further. One particularly curious Remainer encouraged his followers to buy up the new coins and “bury them in the garden… take them out of circulation as soon as possible.”

Remainers turning into would-be Long John Silvers with bounties of buried Brexit treasure aside, the sneering commentators demanding sombre sobriety from everyone in the country this week are far more irksome. 

There is a mind numbing lack of self-awareness displayed by killjoys protesting parties for fear of fragility from the few who have not yet accepted that Britain will be free. These are the same people who have been rubbing their twelve starred flags and pretend supranational anthems in the faces of the less powerful for three long years. It should beggar belief that now they somehow can’t handle a countdown clock and some Union Jacks.

The country’s remaining Remainers can mope if they want to, but please, refrain from trying to stop the rest of us bringing out the bubbly and raising a glass to a brilliant Brexit future.

Tom Harwood is an award-winning journalist and commentator. Follow him on twitter: @tomhfh