No Deal Brexit has a very clear mandate. No Brexit does not



Go home British politics, you’re drunk.

Hippies on yoga mats blocking London Bridge. A giant puppet octopus being ‘kettled’. John Bercow speaking to the EU on behalf of Remain. It’s like something from a 1970s apocalyptic novella. Or Monty Python. But, no – this is British politics, 2019. And it’s absolutely ridiculous.

It seems fair to assume many of the same people who believe mass interpretative dance is a sensible way to argue for Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030 also believe a No Deal Brexit would be catastrophic. They certainly share the same outriders on Twitter. Of course, it’s absurd.

For a start, any disruption caused by leaving the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement is unlikely to be comparable with the kind of inconvenience unnecessarily forced upon the country by the spaced-out Lentilites in XR. And, anyway, a suite of policies which satisfied Extinction Rebellion would completely trash the UK economy, returning us to some kind of agrarian system. It would almost certainly kill people. If adopted globally, such a policy menu would plunge the world into some kind of new Dark Age. It is, to quote the average man on the street (or Jo Swinson), “b******s”.

But, if Extinction Rebellion is loud and annoying, what is happening amongst Remainers is far worse. John Bercow – okay, he’s also loud and annoying – has been speaking directly to the EU, with the aim of thwarting the government’s policy of leaving Deal or No Deal on October 31st. Frankly, how dare he? The role of the Speaker is to impartially (I repeat, impartially; pity Bercow didn’t read the dictionary before swallowing it) chair debates in the House of Commons. To facilitate. To assist constructive debate and activity. Not to adopt his own policy position and then ruthlessly pursue it. Some have even spoken of Bercow as a Caretaker Prime Minister. God help us all.

Somehow, Remain seems to have convinced themselves that a Second Referendum – the question being Deal or Remain, with the Deal negotiated by them – is a legitimate way of overturning the result and getting what they want. I hate to break it to them but no it isn’t. And, quite obviously, as a wheeze, it will not work.

A Second Referendum would make the situation in the country many, many times worse. Millions would be excluded from the plebiscite and neither the Conservatives nor the Brexit Party would be able to take part in it. The final thread which holds our, increasingly precarious, democratic settlement together would snap. We would be in uncharted waters, with sharks circling, and the raft sinking.

No Deal Brexit has a very clear mandate, as the logical outcome of the Brexit negotiations if a deal can’t be reached. No Brexit has no mandate at all.

The idea Remain MPs can avoid a General Election and then attempt to force through Remain when they, for the most part, promised the precise opposite to get elected is an insult. It is a scandal.

We need an Election. No Election = No Legitimacy. Which means anything this rotten Parliament concocts aside from the Prime Minister and the government will be ignored.

Remainers have created this constitutional crisis. Only Brexit will end it.

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson