No, the Union flag is not ‘racist’ and the British national anthem is not ‘embarrassing’

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As I watched the infamous interview between Piers Morgan and Ash Sarkar on Good Morning Britain that is being shared on Twitter, I felt anger and disappointment. What has become of the left-wing millennials who feel a such distaste for British national symbols?

This Remembrance Sunday, we took a moment to remember the sacrifices of those who fought so that we can live in freedom today. This is the country that has seen off the Spanish Armada, the French Emperor and the German Kaiser. Against Louis XIV, Napoleon, Wilhelm II and Hitler, this country saved Europe. This is the home of the mother of parliaments, the industrial revolution and the world’s common language. And for the likes of Ash Sarkar to call our national symbols ‘embarrassing’ and ‘cheap’ is deeply offensive. It seems like Labour and the Lib Democrats forget how they become allowed to be liberal.

Not for nothing is the British flag again seen on the streets of Hong Kong, 22 years after its people last truly knew freedom under the law – it is the ultimate symbol of our pride in Britain and our hard-won democracy. The rest of the world associates Britain with the things they hold dear: the rule of law, private property, impartial courts, uncensored newspapers, regular elections, jury trials.

At a time of collapsed consensus, our national symbols give a sense of national identity. Our history, our heritage, our constitution, our monarchy – all these things are things we should be proud of. Young people today need to understand why Britain is such a great country.

It represents everybody – regardless of religion or politics or background. And holds a unique position that bring about unity across Britain’s age, class, gender and geographic divides.

But I am afraid we now have a politically correct far-left who tell us that the union flag is racist and the national anthem is embarrassing assuming that anyone who flies the British flag is a far-right extremist with fascist tendencies and supports UKIP.

They downgrade and diminish everything that is British. You can’t fly the flag. You can’t sing the national anthem. You can’t celebrate our british values.

What the far-left don’t understand is that when we fly the flag of a former colonial power, we are appealing to the values that we believe raised us above the run of nations, above all the notions of liberty and disinterested justice. Of those who support the Union flag and national anthem, almost 9 out of 10 say they are proud to be British compared with half of those who are against it. It speaks to the core of people’s sense of identity.

This far-left opposition led by Jeremy Corbyn clearly hate British history and culture.

It is beyond me why any British patriot should lend the Labour party their vote.

Shabnam Nasimi is a Conservative commentator the Director of the Conservative Friends of Afghanistan. Follow her on twitter: @NasimiShabnam

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