Outside the Bubble, people have had enough of the BBC preaching at them



Well, this has certainly been a week to remember. Under 48 hours ago, I set up an account, out of frustration, on a whim, titled ‘Defund The BBC’ with an aim to scrap the Licence Fee and since then we have gained over 50,000 followers.

For too long, the metropolitan elite at the Beeb have been taking the people for fools; misleading us with guests who present themselves as impartial but are secretly Momentum activists, ‘accidentally’ editing footage that makes the government look worse than it actually is – and I haven’t even mentioned the sheer amount of former Labour politicians and left-wing activists that now work for the quickly-declining broadcaster.

It seems the time has finally come where the people of this country will rise up and say ‘no more’. No more ridiculous stunts on Newsnight by Emily Maitlis, no more dodgy politicking by Lewis Goodall and, here’s me thinking we can all get behind this one, no more deeply disproportioned Question Time audiences led by a constantly-interrupting mediator. And that’s before I get started on their horrendous agenda-driven “entertainment”.

The British people have had enough. After nearly four years of dithering and delay by a paralysed Parliament bickering over Brexit, we, under Boris Johnson’s leadership delivered on the will of the people and got Brexit done. And now, in a state of lockdown due to the tragic pandemic that is Covid-19, we are having to put up with a public broadcaster which edits images of rioters at the recent protests making them look less violent, a public broadcaster which refers to what I would describe as an episode of utter carnage as a ‘largely peaceful’ gathering – and a public broadcaster which, just last week, relentlessly harassed a man at his home for driving to Durham under lockdown in search of childcare for his ill son.

We are at a stage where we can no longer take it as we have been doing for years now. For this is our moment, and one I fear will never come again if we fail to grasp it with both hands. So I encourage you to head on over to my campaign account @DefundBBC and click the link on the pinned tweet, taking you to a site where you can peacefully and legally cancel your BBC Licence Fee, whilst still allowing you to watch the television you deserve.

James Yucel is the founder of @DefundBBC. Follow him on twitter: @JamesLYucel