Remain Ultra’s Government of National (Dis)unity



A Government of National Unity. A government of all the talents. God help us.

Just the candidates tipped for leading this government are enough to make the blood run cold. Caroline Lucas. Heidi Allen. Jeremy Corbyn. They may as well go the whole hog and stick Greta Thunberg in Downing Street. At least she has a better command of English than Corbyn. And a closer eye for detail.

The whole thing is patently absurd. On Newsnight on Thursday night, Dr. Vincent Cable – yes, he of the Fedora and Strictly Come Dancing – sat and explained this new plan. Apparently, MPs from across the house will join together to install a new government dedicated to overthrowing the referendum result which Parliament promised to deliver. It would directly defy the wishes of the British people – and abnegate the explicit promises in both main parties’ manifestos – all in the name of “Unity”.

I think we should be brave enough to call this latest plan what it is: An insult. An aberration. Stark-raving bonkers.

Naturally, the plan will involve dragging the Queen into politics. The Queen would be told she had to “sack the Prime Minister”, Dominic Grieve opined on Channel 4 News. John McDonnell would be throwing Jeremy Corbyn into a taxi, driving to Buckingham Palace and telling the monarch she had to appoint the elderly demagogues to run the country. In the “national interest”, of course.

The hypocrisy is staggering. The second the Prime Minister – or the government – does anything to try and preserve the democratic integrity of the country by actually, y’ know delivering on a democratic result, the Remainers scream foul play. But they seem prepared to adopt any scheme, no matter how archaic, how fallacious, how down-right bizarre, to try and thwart Brexit.

It is, quite clearly, the behaviour of a political class in panic mode – desperately trying to cling on to the power which they have enjoyed for so long, and which is now, finally, draining away. The British constitution is uncodified and relies on convention and, I’ve always thought rather charmingly, a very idiosyncratic sense of fair play.

Well, that’s all being binned. Labour has made it quite clear it is prepared to offer Scotland another referendum on Independence in order to try and thwart Brexit, and cobble together some kind of Frankenstein Socialist Government. Incredibly, Philip Hammond, Dominic Grieve and a bevy of other Tory malcontents seem prepared to indulge this extraordinary behaviour in order to bind the British people back into the European Union.

And they have the audacity to suggest Boris and the government – who are doing nothing more than using established procedure to try and deliver its promises – are somehow behaving incorrectly.

Of course, the likelihood is that the majority of the most troublesome Remainers are on borrowed time, and will be swept from Parliament at the next General Election. But, the truth could not be clearer: it is Remain who are busily engineering a constitutional crisis, not Brexiteers.

“Mr Grieve will see what he’s right about,” said Dominic Cummings, as he headed off to work on Wednesday morning. Let us hope – for the sake of the Conservative Party and the country – Mr Grieve is right about very little.

Rebecca Ryan is the Director of Stand Up 4 Brexit and Free Market Conservatives. Follow her on twitter: @beccyryan