Remain’s idea of democracy. An enslavement clause and permanent attachment to the EU

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Remainers are determined to stop Brexit. And if they can’t stop it, they’re determined to make it as difficult as possible.

It’s a shameful way to behave. Rather than get behind the decision of the British public, Parliamentary Remainers – the vast majority of whom were elected on manifestos to deliver Brexit – are trying to do everything they can to derail the government, and undermine the United Kingdom’s democratic settlement.

It seems quite obvious this can’t go on. The Conservative Party cannot run both a Leave and Remain policy concurrently – an approach which it pursued for too long. Ultimately, our MPs must row in behind the settled will of the British people, and the excellent new Prime Minister who is trying to deliver it.

Boris is rightly allying himself with the people. He is rightly championing democracy. And he is rightly telling rebel Remainer MPs that they will be deselected if they don’t rediscover a scintilla of loyalty.

The Drift is over. The People have a champion, the UK has a champion. His formidable first weeks in office are hopefully just a taster of what is to come.

StandUp4Brexit was formed to ensure the result of the referendum was implemented. It is a great sadness that it has taken so long to bring the project to fruition. The British public were extremely frustrated with the previous administration’s supine approach, and they are understandably even more frustrated with the MPs who are still more loyal to the EU than they are to their own government.

The pride rebels take in their disruptive activity is at times difficult to swallow. Their is a lustre with which they regard losing the whip. Rory Stewart – who I understand you can “still talk to or challenge about Brexit” in venues up and down the quinoa belt (as long as you agree with him, of course) – seems to be particularly relishing the opportunity to martyr himself. I’m sure Guy Verhofstadt will be proud.

These are MPs who are prepared to “enslave” the UK. Their bill is quite clear. Not only do Remain MPs want to force an extension: they want to give the EU control over that extension. Essentially, they want to give the EU the power to keep us locked in this Groundhog Day forever.

It is perhaps ironic that Remainer MPs keep accusing Boris of a “coup”. The only conclusion we can reasonably draw is that they don’t know what a “coup” is – or they’re, more likely, deliberately misunderstanding.

Their behaviour would equal a closer approximation. Their current position is that they intend to force Boris to delay Brexit again whilst simultaneously attempting to block a General Election. They refuse to enact the people’s verdict, whilst refusing to put their activity to the people. It is the ultimate in dishonourable, gutter politics.

The plan is to seize the Parliamentary agenda, and essentially take over the government, whilst refusing to make themselves answerable to their constituents. It’s audacious – and atrocious.

Perhaps the worst offenders are Corbyn and McDonnell, and their close circle. These are life-long “Lexiteers”. They are supposed to be men of “principle”; principles that as Tories we wholeheartedly reject, but principle nonetheless. To watch them abandon everything they apparently believe to try and obstruct the government and knit together an unholy coalition of support – including Conservative MPs who frankly should appreciate the fire they’re playing with – is outrageous.

Rumours of an election are swirling – an election which will preferably come after October 31st. But if it has to be before, then the overwhelming likelihood is Boris will be returned, with a thumping mandate, a refreshed Parliamentary party and five years to crack on with his invigorating new agenda.

The truth is: the Remain ship has sailed, as these increasingly desperate Parliamentary shenanigans demonstrate. They can obstruct, they can delay, they can do damage and be difficult. But they cannot win.

Rebecca Ryan is the Director of Stand Up 4 Brexit and Free Market Conservatives. Follow her on twitter: @beccyryan

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