Spineless So-Called Labour ‘Moderates’ Could Plunge the UK into a State of Socialist Extremism



This election is unpredictable. Despite the headline ten point lead for the Conservatives, Remainers who have been radicalised by their loathing of self-government are drifting towards a socialist conspiracist crank, after convincing themselves that a looser trade relationship with the EU is worse than just about any other political outcome imaginable.

The Lib Dem vote is soft, and Corbyn is doing all he can to squeeze it into submission over the crucial next four days.

To the alarmingly sizable number of loopier Remainers, regulatory independence and a best-in-class FTA replacing EU membership is a prospect so horrifying that stopping it is worth driving out the wealth creators from this country, mass state-seizure of property, terrorist appeasement, billions more in debt and taxes, and trampling over the Jewish community.

While the Conservative vote is staying strong, current polling suggests that potentially hundreds of thousands of voters are slipping away from the Liberal Democrats to back the most extreme iteration of the Labour Party our country has ever been subjected to. The appalling spinelessness -and short sightedness- of so many so called liberal moderate voters is a gallingly unedifying sight.

There is an unnerving irony in the very people who are most likely to trot out lines like ‘How could anyone back Brexit when it could make the country poorer’, now shuffling towards a man and policy agenda that would undoubtedly cripple this country to a far greater extent than even the most hostile of future relationships with our nearest trading partner.

This sorry state of centrist politics reveals how important it is to get over that Brexit hurdle. Too many good, previously sensible people have lost all sense of perspective, grounding, and rationality. The longer Brexit drags on for, the darker and more unhinged public discourse becomes.

Remainers who obsessed over market reaction to the twists and turns of Brexit policy have now gone utterly silent on the matter. Sterling is rallying to its highest value against the euro for more than two and a half years, buoyed by the prospect of a Conservative victory and the certainty of Boris’ Brexit deal.

The Remain Derangement pervades every issue – economic, social, and security. Palpable evidence of Russian interference on the side of Jeremy Corbyn in this election has now been published, and yet the journalists-who-cry-Russia at every turn are utterly silent on the matter, simply because it doesn’t fit their preconceived Brexit narrative. It really doesn’t take a genius to work out that the candidate favoured by Putin in this election is not the pro-NATO, pro-West, anti-terrorist, bloke who is offering political stability.

We needn’t have seen an investigation to realise that the crank who called for Kremlin scientists to assess the Skripal poisoning, called for the abolition of NATO, will hold another Scottish separatist referendum, and regretted the end of the USSR would be the Vlad’s favoured choice.

That so many so called moderates are past the point of reason when it comes to these issues only serves to heighten the tension in the most important election in living memory.

The simple reality of this election could not be clearer. Far from the brief four party political period this country saw over the summer, Thursday’s vote is binary. It’s Boris or Jeremy Corbyn. Nothing is in the bag. There are no safe votes. The risk is real.

Real moderates have to counterbalance the Lib Dems’ woeful voter retention by taking a real stand against the horror show of Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10. There is only one way to ensure that harrowing possibility never materialises. Voting for Boris.

Tom Harwood is an award-winning journalist and commentator. Follow him on twitter: @tomhfh