The BBC’s attack on our elderly is unacceptable



It’s outrageous and, therefore, to be expected. As of this month, the BBC will be charging over 75s the full cost of their licence fee. Who would have thought they’d stoop so low? Well, actually – many of us.

As more and more people are coming to realise, we are dealing with a Corporation that has no shame. Pensioners are no longer a revered demographic, to be respected and cared for. To BBC execs, they are simply a cash cow – another source of revenue to spend on inflated salaries and youth-oriented “diversity” initiatives. It is ironic that outspoken BBC “progressives” are happy to have their exorbitant salaries paid by some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. 

We now live in a country where an 80 year old will find themselves forced to fund the likes of Gary Lineker and Emily Maitlis – plus reams of fat cat executives whose lifestyles most elderly pensioners could barely dream of. It is a morally outrageous state of affairs – a situation which all decent people should be shocked and ashamed by. 

The BBC’s appetite for courting controversy seems to be never ending. Just this week, BBC Bitesize published a video in which John Ameachi attempted to explain “white privilege”. The video seemed to treat some of the more pernicious elements of the Critical Race Theory movement as if such theorising is gospel truth. As a teacher, I know that working class white boys are the most disadvantaged. Separating everyone into skin colour – and forcing youngsters to start seeing each other based on skin colour – is an overly simplistic, and frankly plain unhelpful, approach.

At a time when the BBC should be bringing us together, it seems to be doing more than ever to drive us apart. Targeting our elderly. Bias reporting. Forcing its woke politics on our youth. Is this really what a public sector broadcaster should be for?

Fortunately, ordinary, normal men and women have had enough. The Defund the BBC campaign, of which I’m proud to be a champion, is gathering support fast. The BBC’s public relations are at an all time low. Every day seems to bring with it a fresh scandal or disaster. It’s time that we ended the Corporation’s monopoly for good. It’s time that we defunded the BBC.

Calvin Robinson is a writer, speaker and educator. Follow him on twitter: @calvinrobinson

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