The BBC’s attitude towards ordinary people is outrageous



The BBC have created a safe space for the liberal left to sneer and spout their views on the world stage. This week, they proved it once again with the release of a podcast No Country For Young Women: almost 40 fun-filled minutes “exploring” privilege (of the white variety, of course), feminism, diversity and racism. Presenter Sadia Azmat was joined by creator of YouTube series Chicken Shop Date, Amelia Dimoldenberg and Dr Charlotte Riley, a historian from Southampton University.

Amelia Dimoldenberg has a slight air of white Saviour about her. In previous interviews online she’s quoted as saying, “I take my job in the scene that I’m working in very seriously. As I’ve said before, I’m very aware of my privileged position as a white woman, however I hope I’m using it to fully support UK artists.” In another BBC interview, she says “People who aren’t white have to work harder to enter this space.” I was under the impression anyone could create and post YouTube videos. How silly of me.

I’ll admit, it took several attempts for me to listen to the podcast all the way through. Not only was the content blood-boilingly arrogant but spoken with antipodean inflections; with “like” thrown in practically every 3rd word, and statements such as “so, like, obviously you’ve always been white”, it made for painful listening.

One question set the tone for the rest of the podcast. “How can white women not be Karens?”

For the uninitiated, calling someone a Karen is the insult du jour of the liberal left, most commonly used to describe obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white women.

At one point, Dimoldenberg implored, “Read some books!”.

Then Dr Riley chimed in, “Try not to be defensive about things and particularly try not to be defensive about your whiteness.” 

She continued: “When Women are Karens they are completely unable to accept their whiteness is a privilege.”

Dimoldenberg added, “Yeah, yeah, and don’t be so loud… Stop attacking black voices.”

Dr Riley responded, “Yeah, get out of the way basically.” 

“Yeah, basically leave.”

Behold, the white saviour in all her glory.

The BBC used to be the gold standard of media, and yet it’s been reduced to this utter drivel.  The one tiny point of merit was that white people find it difficult to talk about race for fear of being labelled a racist. This is true and is also thanks to the creeping toxicity of liberals and the woke left. If you do not agree with their prescribed world view and have the audacity to voice your opinion you must be prepared for a slew of ‘ist’ and ‘isms’ to be thrown your way. They have created a cancel culture where wrongthink can get you hounded by the virtual mob or sacked from your job. 

Other comments on the podcast continued along the same grim path as the clip widely shared on social media. 

“I think it’s also because the systems and structures in place were built for white people and to oppress people who aren’t white. So as a white person living your life, everything is normalised for you.”

“I want my feminism to be violent and radical.” 

What utter tripe. 

Try going to the housing estate where I grew up and telling hard working women there they are privileged because they are white. You’ll no doubt see how quickly your brand of feminism turns radical and violent.

A little later the podcast asked, “Do white women have problems?” Well, of course we don’t. We just breeze through life without a care in the world! If only those white girls in Rotherham who were trafficked and sexually assaulted had realised it was actually a privilege. At this point I gave up, turned the podcast off, took a deep breath and got on with my life. 

So to answer the question, are all white women Karens? Well, in a word, no.

There are millions of women going about their everyday life – who are excluded from the national discourse because they are not woke enough. 

My grandma was called Elizabeth not Karen. During the 2nd world war, she sewed barrage balloons to keep the Luftwaffe from getting too close and in doing her bit helped protect the freedom of this generation of Karens and non-Karens alike. My other grandma was called Edith, again not Karen, and she worked in an underwear factory all her life stitching bras, the likes of which radical feminists, liberals and the left are metaphorically burning on an almost daily basis. We owe a lot to ordinary, white women like them.

One thing is clear. This endless BBC merry-go-round of sneering Social Justice Warriors and metropolitan liberals who fail to recognise they themselves are far more privileged than those they are deriding must stop.

Ladies, don’t forget these when you leave the house: keys – check; phone – check; privilege – checked.

Clare Golby was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Coventry North West in the 2019 General Election. Follow her on twitter: @MrsGolby