The lid cannot be put back on Brexit, despite the slippery tactics of Remainers

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This evening, parliamentarians did what they do best: deflated and angered millions of people around the country. Much of the public had been hoping that Brexit could finally get the go ahead, especially when a majority of 30 MPs voted for the latest Withdrawal Agreement. But how they teased us, and fifteen minutes later blocked the three-day timeframe Boris Johnson had set for it to go through. This was never ideal, of course, but only installed to get Brexit over the line, given the inertia that has gripped Westminster. A group of 80-year-olds at bingo would be more dynamic than those inhabiting the House of Commons.

No one knows what is next, but every option looks bleaker than what could have been if MPs had grown up and followed what their constituents wanted in 2016. President of the European Council Donald Tusk has recommended that we get an extension until January 31st, but the terms of this are not known. More and more of these will no doubt be used to water down the Withdrawal Agreement, so that it becomes unpalatable, or work us into having the dreaded “second referendum”, a farce largely designed to keep us in the EU.

Boris Johnson has done his best, and offered up the last possible option – which is a general election. But Remainers are unlikely to let him have this, knowing he will clean up – having gained a martyr status for carrying the baton of Brexit. It is a ridiculous state of affairs that our Prime Minister cannot call for a vote on his popularity, but such is the time we are living in. These are the slippery tactics we are getting used to from the Remainer elite, who’ll do nothing to thwart democracy and keep themselves in parliament, driving the rest of us mad.

Over the last few years, fanatical Remainers have concocted almost every idea possible to ignore what people want. They have become less reasonable than the EU, which seems more respectful of Britain these days than Labour and the Liberal Democrats, which are both happy to see us humiliated on the world stage. They have acted against our country in ways that would make our ancestors quiver in horror. Brave men and women who fought for democracy would be disgusted at parliamentarians, many of whom expect us to respect their votes while trashing those of 17.4 million people. They treat democracy like it’s an afterthought. “Let’s not talk about it”, is very much how they feel about the year of 2016.

Militant Remainers are divided into two varieties. The less intelligent of them are open about their will to overrule Brexit. The Liberal Democrats proudly Tweet #StopBrexit and flaunt their “Bollocks to Brexit” merchandise, hoping it’ll appeal to baby boomers who have never sworn before. At the People’s Vote March they acted like a group of silly schoolgirls opening their GCSE results, jumping about with glee, so trivial is their attitude towards the principles of Western civilisation. At least we know where we stand with this infantile elite.

Far worse than them, though, are those who treat democracy as though it were an opponent in a game of chess. This thinking is encapsulated in the strategies of Oliver Letwin, and the other amendment enthusiasts, who believe they can outsmart Brexit. They use legislation to discombobulate the electorate and other MPs; how can we keep up with the tricks of Cambridge alumni? We despair at how something so straightforward – a democratic order – could be made into such a disaster.

It has become impossible to know the rules of the game the militant Remainers play. Step away from Twitter for one second, and they will have moved the chess piece again, or introduced a new invention, or got John Bercow on their side; the most rigged refereee ever. All of these tools are designed to wear us down. But they cannot put the lid on Brexit.

The British will not stand for cowboys who did not deliver on their promise. Brexit must happen; the question is not if, but when.

Charlotte Gill is a writer and journalist whose work has appeared in The Mail on Sunday, The Times and The Telegraph. Follow her on twitter: @CharlotteCGill

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