The new government must fly the flag for CANZUK

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The European Union is an unmitigated disaster. Barely 10% of Brits say they want a United States of Europe and many are increasingly unfavourable towards other institutions like the UN and IMF.

The EU’s legacy will be far from one of security, peace and free trade. America, Switzerland, Norway and Australia’s much greater success in delivering all three humiliate the continental federalist project. Indeed, when the EU finally collapses under the weight of its internal contradictions, it will be remembered for its arrogant bureaucrats and dictatorial centralisation – a project used to take taxpayers’ money and lavishly line the pockets of a distant elite, away from the watchful eye of the average voter.

Its resounding and cataclysmic failures may act as a lasting example of what not to do when attempting to construct economic and cultural links between liberal nation states.

America manages to promote free-trade and secure unhindered access to its markets through membership of treaties such as NAFTA, whilst Australia enjoys the benefits of the CER (Closer Economic Relations) with New Zealand. Crucially, these treaties secure economic prosperity and partnership without ceding sovereignty to a supranational organisation.

The EU may have missed the opportunity to build a positive legacy but Boris Johnson’s administration has been gifted an historic chance. How our country is re-shaped by the decisions taken by this new, revitalised government will resonate for years to come. Making a CANZUK happen – transforming it from a concept into reality – is a surefire way for the new Prime Minister to secure a champion’s legacy.

CANZUK is a simple proposal. A free-trade, free-movement area across the Anglophone nations (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK). It would be upheld through conditional agreements and would delegate no political power to any kind of aberrational supranational institution. Combined, the club would hold the third largest nominal GDP in the world, hold the largest and most expansive land area in the world and be home to many thriving domestic industries from wine, services and banking to oil production. The growth stimulated by such a deal would likely prove substantial and mutually beneficial to all involved.

There are many reasons to be confident in the new government. Boris’ optimistic, buccaneering attitude has been reflected in the activity of his ministers. Priti Patel has been touring the airwaves, restoring the Conservatives’ natural reputation as the party of law and order. No Deal preparations have been stepped up, with over £2 billion committed by the new Chancellor Sajid Javid, to ensure we’re “No Deal ready”. Meanwhile, Dominic Raab has been busy rebuilding our relations with old allies. And Liz Truss is busy laying the foundations for new trade deals; indeed, it’s been reported that an Australia-UK free trade agreement could be signed only weeks after Brexit.

Things look positive for CANZUK; an idea over 68% of the UK population support – and this enthusiasm is reciprocated by our Canadian, Kiwi and Australian friends. Let’s make Brexit a mighty success. Let’s make CANZUK happen.

Tom Colsy is a Taxpayers’ Alliance coordinator. Follow him on twitter: @tomcolsy99_

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