The unrepentant nastiness of the Left



The nasty left has not let a global pandemic deter it from venting its spleen. When the Prime Minister fell ill, the majority of the public wished him well, hoping that he’d be back at the helm as quickly as possible. However, for a very vocal left-wing minority, this was a prime opportunity to spout their vitriol.

Labour councillor and town mayor, Sheila Oakes, posted on Facebook that the Prime Minister “completely deserve[d]” to have the virus, while left wing comedian, and self-proclaimed Chomsky devotee, Frankie Boyle tweeted that it would certainly not be beyond Johnson to just pretend that he had died until the crisis was over; charmless and humourless to say the least.

But what’s more striking is the conspiratorial thinking, which grips parts of the Left. Take Labour councillor Julie Heselwood, who immediately accused Boris Johnson of pulling a “publicity stunt for sympathy”. “Don’t fall for it”, she warned. True to form, accusations against the media followed.

Activists called out the BBC’s “fawning” coverage of the Prime Minister. But you only have to watch this week’s BBC Panorama programme to see that the national broadcaster is loath to editorialise in the PM’s favour. Indeed, every single medic interviewed on the show was a Labour Party activist. However, this doesn’t stop the Owen Jones’ of this world from ranting about how biased the media is against his form of Leftism, despite the fact that he and his comrades at Novara Media received a disproportionate amount of airtime during the election campaign and continue to do so.

Convinced of their moral superiority and so blinded by their hatred of the “evil Tories”, the nastiness shows no signs of abating. Yesterday, the Prime Minister shared the happy news that his fiancée had given birth to a healthy baby boy. Editor of hard-left conspiracy site Canary Media, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, immediately took to Twitter to say that Boris’ father Stanley Johnson should be “sleeping with one eye open” because his son is going to “need a new reason to be off work in a few weeks”. Although the tweet was subsequently deleted, it is clear, by the effort put in, that this is how she genuinely felt – quite incredible for a movement, which derives its raison d’etre from being progressive and tolerant, and ironic considering the anti-Semitism scandal.

But the Corbynite left rarely looks itself in the mirror. Blinded by their left-wing ideology and their self-righteousness, the ends justify the means. It doesn’t matter how they achieve their desired socialist nirvana; out of power, attacking the Tories, even in the vilest manner, is the easiest way to grieve their continued unpopularity.

And it’s not just minor activists. Labour MP Ruth Cadbury immediately took to Twitter to try and point score. He’s “just found another reason to miss PMQs” she tweeted out to her left-wing following. And Alistair Campbell, former spin-doctor extraordinaire, went on the airwaves to accuse the Prime Minister of using his new-born baby as an excuse to duck scrutiny.

All very depressing, but perhaps there is a glimmer of hope? Yesterday, at PMQs, the new Labour leader, Keir Starmer, appeared sincere in his congratulations on the birth of the new baby. And his approach, in general, seems far more civilized than that of his predecessor, who notably has yet to offer his best wishes. We can only hope that the nastiness abates as the Corbynite left realises that it simply does not speak for the country.

Emily Carver is a Conservative commentator. Follow her on twitter: @CarverEmily