The week the Left went mad



They’ve done it. They have. They’ve finally flipped.

The Remainer-Left has been teetering on the brink of a collective breakdown for some time. Slowly but surely, all the “influencers” have been degenerating into hysteria – Gary Lineker, AC Grayling, the pathological David Lammy. But since Boris arrived in Number 10, the hysteria has reached new levels.

Corbyn and McDonnell’s Labour Party, having been splattered across the wall by the new Prime Minister on Wednesday, have decided to double down on their strategy of painting the Tory Party as “hard right”, “far right” and “fascist”.

The focus of their vitriol, shockingly, has been our new BAME cabinet ministers. Sajid Javid, James Cleverly and Priti Patel have all been targeted with the most vitriolic and vile abuse. Patel, of course, is offensive to the Corbynites on at least two levels – BAME and a woman – and the idea she could be promoted on ability, without the need for “quotas” or “targets”, drives them even further up the wall.

It is such a ghastly way of looking at the world. Nobody is an individual, capable of individual thought, with an individual personality; instead we must all be divided up into various contortions of gender, race and sexuality – and then judged accordingly.

But this is the first week that I have been genuinely surprised by the behaviour of the kind and gentle Remainer-Left. Racial attacks. Gender attacks. Attacks on sexuality. Deliberate attempts to revive old fears and old prejudices when the truth is we have a Prime Minister who is more naturally at home in the modern world than most politicians in Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Liberals seem to have appointed to their helm someone whose leadership style could best be described as “hectoring older sister”. Swinson is indulging in the same approach as Corbyn: proudly declaring that she’ll be standing against fear and division, whilst wilfully stoking it up.

Of course, all this talk of being “scared” is either self-indulgent, cynical twitterwind, or the product of fevered minds. It’s possible some of these feather-spitting poltroons actually believe what they’re saying. In that case, they need psychiatric help. More likely it’s politics at its most uncompromising and ugly – which is worse.

The polls would suggest the general public are having none of it. Good. I hope Boris is on course to deliver both Brexit and a massive Conservative majority. It’s no less than these crass, sour-faced trash-mongers deserve.

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson