Wanted: A New Parliament

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It’s official: Parliament has jumped the shark.

No election, no progress, no.. anything. Our country is being held to ransom by these Rogues, not allowed to move forward – in fact, not allowed to move at all.

The excuses for rejecting an election for a third time have been absolutely absurd. But perhaps the most ridiculous eruption came from Ian Blackford. It was wrapped in all the usual SNP confected outrage; a December 12th election would be “barking mad”, said Blackford.

“Barking mad.”

Literally: insane. And why does he claim a December election is “barking mad”? Because… Well, because it might be a bit dark outside. Has he never thought of popping a coat on? And, let’s be honest, Blackford hardly looks like a man who feels the cold.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives continue to maintain a double digit lead in the polls and Boris is arguably more popular than ever.

It should come as no surprise.

People hate being trapped – physically, romantically, politically. And that is what Parliament is trying to do – hamstring voters by forbidding them from going to the ballot box, just as it tried to hamstring the Prime Minister by ‘taking No Deal off the table’.

Yesterday, Labour suggested it will continue this deadlock for as long as it can. Oh, joy.

Do our MPs really think their constituents will reward them for this?

There is nothing worse than a coward – and Remainers in Parliament are the ultimate cowards: snivelling away in dusty corridors, desperate and disruptive, gas-lighting the country whilst refusing any opportunity for open debate and scrutiny.

Their strategy is clear. To use a biased Speaker, procedural anomalies and legal loopholes to manipulate the government – then blame the government for what they manipulate it to do.

It is craven. It is duplicitous. It is, dare I say, distinctly un-British.

Politically, this will almost certainly play well for Boris – the latest polls show the Conservatives breaking 40%..

Only the most obdurate voter won’t see that the Prime Minister is doing everything he can to dig us out of this stagnant mess – deliver Brexit; deliver an election. He is not the one running away from the fight – Corbyn, Swinson, and Blackford are.

It is essential that Conservatives stay behind our man. Frustration is high out in the country – but the opportunities for us remain (snarf) as huge as ever.

People are fed up of coalition government, fed up of moaning MPs, fed up of Jeremy Corbyn, and fed up of the EU. As long as voters continue to believe that we offer the way out, the door to a brighter future, they will vote for us.

As for Opposition MPs: well, they are right to be nervous about their position. They are, perhaps even, right to run.

The shark is circling. Its name is “the electorate”. And it’s ready to devour them.

Tim Dawson is a writer and journalist and the Editor of Free Market Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson

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