Why do the Left dislike the working class so much?



I’m working class and a Conservative. Like the Labour Leadership contender Rebecca Long-Bailey, I was born in Salford in the mid 70s. I saw poverty and social depravation first-hand. Unlike her, I don’t have to make stories up because I lived it.

With my background, I’ve been called a class traitor; told that I shouldn’t share my views on my own social media pages; told I should be ashamed to be a Conservative, that I should stay off people’s Facebook posts, and that I’m arrogant for doing something as simple as agreeing with the majority who didn’t see Corbyn as the Second Coming.

What makes this more cutting is that I’ve been told these things not by strangers but by people who I know personally. People I grew up with.

Ironic how they forget I’ve experienced the same life as them, been caught in the benefits trap and lived where people vote Labour at every election. I see these self-same people are still in poverty but in the true style of the left they are always told it’s someone else’s fault.

In my experience, the left keep people down because the poor or working classes don’t vote Tory. Or at least they didn’t until the last general election crushed that theory.

This brings me on to my main point. The Liberals & the Left simply can’t accept that the working classes voted in their droves for a Conservative Government.

The condemnation I’ve seen on social media is quite something. From the obvious ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’ to things so expletive ridden you couldn’t put it into print, yet here we are, with the Labour leadership hopefuls trying to out do each other with tails of how working class they are. Trying to be the thing that internally they and a good number of their activists seem to despise.

If all the Labour Leadership contest has become is simply who is the most working class, I’d win and I’m a Tory.

What makes the Liberals and the Left think they have an automatic right to the working class vote? People who work hard for a living do it so they can make something for themselves. They don’t want the state interfering in every aspect of their lives. Free broadband was seen as the dupe it was. Most of all they do not want to be dismissed and told their views don’t count. This is a point which is still being missed by some who should really know better.

Boris Johnson said these votes were loaned to the Conservatives and we need to earn them again. He’s right. Should they need to be, the North will be as unforgiving with the Conservatives as they have been with Labour – of this, we should have no doubt.

The silent majority unleashed a deafening roar that should not be ignored by any side of the political spectrum.

Clare Golby was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Coventry North West in the 2019 General Election. Follow her on twitter: @MrsGolby